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How do I encrypt my private email messages and files?
PrivateMail makes it easy to send and receive encrypted emails and share sensitive files on any device. With apps for Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows the Private-Mail client and PrivateMail Files app help keep you secure on any device and operation system.

How do I generate an OpenPGP Key with PrivateMail?
Generate your private and public OpenPGP keys directly in the settings or import your own keys for secure local storage in the browser or PrivateMail app. Your keys are never stored or generated server side and reside only on your local device for secure processing of encrypted email and files. We make it easy so you can mass import keys on any device or web browser with just a few clicks.

How can I pay for PrivateMail Anonymously?
Privatemail offers real world email privacy and anonymity solutions with anonymous cryptocurrency payment methods and end to end encrypted file sharing and email. Private-Mail is a true zero knowledge platform that gives you the ability to trust and verify the opensource encryption methods we employ.

Is PrivateMail Free?
The Private-Mail free plan comes with 100mb email and 100mb file storage per month when purchased with a TorGuard subscription. All Private-Mail free users get access to the webmail interface. Mobile and desktop apps are only available for premium users.

Can PrivateMail See my Email and Files?
We give users the power to encrypt select emails or files and we don't store keys to decrypt this content. We have no way to access this data because only you hold the key on your local machine. This is email privacy by design. Rest assured your privacy is our top priority.

How can I Use PrivateMail?
PrivateMail can be accessed through your web browser on any device, or by downloading our Android and iOS app. All you need is a web browser to gain access to your PrivateMail inbox and files. Private-Mail also offers full featured Desktop email and file storage apps along with file sync software.

Can I use Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo with PrivateMail?
You don't need to ditch your current email provider when using Private-Mail. Add any external email service like Gmail, Outlook, or and let Private-Mail manage OpenPGP security and email encryption. Generate OpenPGP keys for all of your email addresses and manage them securely from one platform. Think of Private-Mail as a "VPN for your external inbox".

How do I use SecureShare to encrypt and share files?
SecureShare is a feature that enables you to safely share files with anyone. Generate a password protected link for files in the personal folder, or generate an end to end OpenPGP encrypted link for sure end to end encryption between you and the receiver. With SecureShare the recipient doesn't have to use OpenPGP or Private-Mail - you can simply share files with a secure password.

Does PrivateMail Sync with my mobile calendar and contacts?
Private-Mail can be setup to snyc with native Android and iOS calendar and contact lists. Stay up to date on your appointments and keep you day to day routine private. Don't want to snyc your mobile information? You don't have to. We realize everyone's security needs are different so we allow the user to define mobile sync settings.

Does Private-Mail keep any logs?
Private-Mail has a strict no logging policy on customer inbox logins. Private-Mail does not log your IP address when accessing our mail services. Private-Mail is powered by the makers of TorGuard so you know we build systems designed for privacy and to keep your email anonymous.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a no questions asked seven day money back guarantee on all Private-Mail services. If you are not happy with your service for any reason, we will give you all of your money back right away.

Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority and we will stop short of nothing to resolve your problems.

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